Beautiful weddings…

Is my kind of melody. Next year’s wedding season is soon filled with great brides. However, I have a couple of weekends available yet, so if you’ll be the bride next year do not wait too long to book your makeup artist. The best will be fully booked first year after year. I appreciate that many of you books long before the date they should get married, for it helps me to organize and to have structure with all my jobs coming in during the year.

I will next year go further with my education in new technologies and also learn much more about the nails. It will of course also help me in my job as a teacher for aspiring stylists. I had also hoped to get into college in Malmoe and load the pedagogical piece in the teacher profession but I failed in my application. So it will be until next year instead if I still burning for that profession in life. Sometimes I wonder if not the best teachers are those who have experience in the profession and do not care if they have it on paper or not. But certainly it does not hurt to learn as much as possible. Life is about learning for me.

Prislista – Privatkunder

på hemsidan har tagits bort. I alla fall den delen som berör bröllop. Jag har istället gjort en aktuell prislista som jag skickar ut till kunderna vid förfrågningar om bröllop. Så vänligen kontakta mig via kontakt formuläret på hemsidan. I den nya prislistan kan ni sen i lugn och ro läsa och välja hur din dag skall se ut i förhållande till dina önskemål. DU är viktig för mig, så skulle du ringa och jag inte har möjlighet att svara så lämna gärna ditt namn och telefonnummer så återkommer jag till dig så fort jag har möjlighet.