Almost done with the makeup course of Val Garland

We are in the last episode of the course, it´s called reflection. This has been an amazing journey with lost of opportunities all around the world. Some new doors have been opening and some old has been closed. I have got new friends and peers too collaborate with in the future.

Some has been working in the industry for a long time and have done such an amazing work in the classroom and of course outside the classroom. And I´ve got a lots of eyeopener and AHA moments on this journey. I have learned a lot from Val and got lots of tips for the future too bring with me.

This course got me too stretch my options and too think outside of the box and push me in too believe in my self and my ability too create fabulous work in the future.  I have done some great work in the classroom as well, with fantastic teams. Now I know in what direction I will go further and create an amazing portfolio too succeed. I will send a special Thank you too Rickard @ studio-e for amazing teamwork, collaborate, brain and photoshoots. And I promise you we will do amazing pictures in the future if you join my craziness work brain . 🙂

And I want send a special thank you too my amazing models Julia Andersson, Kajsa Lundgren and my assistant Sandra Thelin for being there on call when I needed you. Hope that you enjoyed the ride. And Sandra do your best @ beauty school this last semester and be an amazing artist graduate next year. And too Julia and Kajsa be the amazing girls and study hard for the next three years.