Back from Singapore

I’m back from Singapore. It has been a great great week down there. Have met wonderful people and seeing how different cultures can live in harmony with each other. I think the city is the one that never sleeps. First night I woke up at three o’clock and went outside the hotel. There were people who drank coffee at starbucks, cars in motion just like in the day. Absolutely wonderful! I was jetlaggad due to the time difference so therefore I was up at that time. Also got a chance to visit Indonesia and could be said that unfortunately it is probably no country I want to visit again. Did things not spoke to my soul like.
Unfortunately not enough time to make any photo session down there because the schedule was packed. But if I get the opportunity to go down again so maybe we should have booked a job on that front before.

I also got the chance to meet Slash when I was down there. They had a concert in Fort Canning Park on 2 August. And just the concert itself made my trip unforgettable. He is probably the best guitarist alive right now. Have never seen a plague their guitars in such a way to produce such wonderful sounds. Need I say it’s music to my ears.
May well also reveal that when Guns N Roses came in the late 80’s so I really liked that band. Their time in the raw style of music appealed to me in a positive way.

Did also see the women down there with the best well-painted eyebrows plucked and I probably only seen in magazines before. I guess I have to practice and re-train to get to so fine eyebrows. 🙂
All shops in the inner city was mostly out of Prada, Gucci, etc. I unfortunately can not afford to shop there, but I would like it. Singapore an expensive country. Their prices are like here in Sweden. And so they earn much less than us here at home. Think there is a little more than four workers on my salary alone. It is ridiculous to me. But one must of course understand why companies choose to put their factories just in low-wage countries. But would add that they may of course also  get what they pay for.

Hoppas ni inte har något emot att jag hoppat lite i min information här. 🙂