New Challenges are coming up

First we got an offer to apply for Val´s second assistent. Her first assistant are leaving the nest and they who are interested from the course could apply for the job as her second assistant. Great job opportunity if you will go in to the industry of fashion this way. Of course I applied and hope for the best.

Yesterday the Mastered offered a job opportunity with Sam McKnight in the end of July in London. This is a photoshoot and a collaboration with Sam and 2 other MakeupArtists from the course. First a Catwalk shows there 3 models will be fixed and filmed, then an Beauty editorial shoot, Fashion editorial shoot and finally an Campaign shoot. What a great possibility to do a fabulous job and create contacts for the future. This is what I want right now. I haven´t been to London before so why not smash two things together. 🙂